Bad Weather Makes for Good Photos

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First off, the park is over a million acres, it is rare that all 1 million acres are being rained on (and if you hear Dr. Evil every time you say 1 million then we’re going to get along). Same with smoke, even in the smokiest of fire seasons, theres at least one part of the park that is clear enough for good photos. And those fire sunsets!!

I know where to get and what webcams to check to get the best shots when the weather is temperamental.

But just to ease your mind, I’ve attached photos from shoots where the bride was stressed and worrying about the weather. I get stressed too but only because my sweet brides who have come all this way are worried theyre not going to get the epic photos theyve dreamed of. I’m an empath, what can I say. I absolutely cant wait to get home, download the photos and show them how truly incredible bad weather can look in photos!

There’s no rainbow without the rain!!!




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