Maggie and Patrick – August 23, 2023 – Glacier Park Elopement

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Officiant: Raul Rodriguez
Dress: Allure Bridal
Flowers: Mums Flowers in Whitefish
Hair & Makeup: hair – Brittany Brennan, makeup – joy kushner
Jewelry/Rings: jeweler in Connecticut
Cake: Miss Patticakes
Caterer: The Chef Guys
Suits: Calvin Klein tux for my husband
Videographer: Joel Jost

Would you give me just a short background to how you met, your relationship, and engagement?

Patrick and I met about 15 years ago. We both grew up on the same lake where both our parents owned houses. In the summers we would both go to our lake houses and that’s how we met all those years ago. We’d always been friends until about 6 years ago, we started dating and the rest is history !

How did you decide to elope in Glacier National Park?

We were originally suppose to get married in 2020 but because of Covid we cancelled our big wedding and nothing really seemed to be quite “us” until this idea. We originally had a trip planned to go to Glacier National Park as a vacation and we were on a website looking into what to do there and saw photos of an elopement and we knew almost instantly that this was what we wanted to do. Luckily our families are awesome and they flew out to be there for our special day.

Tips for other brides eloping in Glacier?

JUST DO IT! It’s a magical place, a magical story, and it is so intimate. Easily the best day of our lives.

Favorite part of your Glacier Elopement?

The adventure of it all. Truly a magical experience that is just ours.

How did you choose your Glacier elopement photographer?

Research and luck that Marianne was available!

Is there anything you would’ve done different for your trip or elopement?

We planned our wedding in exactly 4 weeks. It was doable but hectic. The only thing I would’ve changed was to maybe have 2 months to plan but honestly everything fell into place and we are so grateful for the amazing experience we had there. It was the wedding of our dreams and our photos are absolutely breathtaking!!

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