Dos and Don’ts for the BEST. PHOTOS. EVER.

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Okay, so if you choose Glacier National Park and you also choose us to take your photos, its a give-in that they are going to be STUNNING. But that being said, we are always chasing perfection, so here are a few things to pay attention to if you want to make sure that your photos are wall hanging worthy. ;)


We have said it a MILLION TIMES. A $200 dress that fits well will always look better than any $8,000 dress that doesn’t. Same thing with men’s suits, kids shirts and dang near anything else you could put on your body. Price tag matters less than the size tag.


Okay, a tasteful floral dress with a busy pattern or subtle polkadots or stripes is completely fine. But neon yellow? A big white nike sign on your chest? Keep it simple! By simple we mean tones that are easy on the eyes. While we are on the topic, try to keep some variety. If everyone wears a white shirt and the same wash jean you start to look a little like a baseball team.


Don’t decide to take family photos before dinner. Just don’t. And if you do, make sure there are snacks and water available, and maybe even a bag of candy on hand that can be used for bargaining leverage and bribing power. Hangry does not make for good photos. I just ate a huge dinner and am too weighed down to run away? We can work with that. If you’re worried about a food stain on the shirt for family photos, bring clothes to change into, or just trust our photoshopping skills.

Obviously this rule varies a little for elopements where there is a set timeline. BUT! Make sure you have easy, clean, snacks and water on hand. Otherwise you might be stopping at a gas station for a gas station sandwich and then before you know it you’re trying to put mustard on the sandwich and it ends up a big stain on the front of your dress. Scary enough to convince you to bring a granola bar? Good.


Sometimes this is advice better given to Mother of the Bride, but it’s worth noting that there are some things that are just not worth worrying about. If the train on her dress needs fixed, we will tell you. If you have a weird hair out of place, we will tuck it behind your ear. If there is someone standing in the background that is ruining the photo, we will yell at them. But chances are, there is nothing you can worry about that we don’t already have our trained eyes on. The beauty of having great photographers is that you don’t need to worry about the photos that are being taken, we do that for you.


You don’t need to worry about how white your teeth are, or how tall you look in your dress, or if you’re self conscious of your arms. The reality is, all of those things can very easily be fixed. But if you have a big bright sunburn from your day out on the beach and are wearing a strapless dress? That one is a little trickier. Of course we can, and we will, fix it for you. But it’s always better if we don’t have to.


We get it. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Baby nap times, reception parties, plane flights etc. But photos between the hours of 11am and 4pm very rarely photograph well in the summertime. Shadows are harsh, temperatures are hot, and the sun is right on top of you making you feel like photos are more torture than tolerable. If you can, plan to have your photos done early in the morning (preferable sunrise) or later in the evening. You will thank us. Both for the quality of photos and for the quality of experience.


Obviously this is your own discretion, and we are admittedly a *little biased about this one. That said, there are so many reasons to book local that go beyond not having to pay any pesky travel fees. You get insider information on the park and how to access it, as well as important things like what driving routes to take, what shooting locations to go to, and where to get the best dinner or cocktails. That beautiful secret waterfall spot you have been pining over? We got it. The most unique angles in some of Glaciers most photographed spots? Look no further. Where to bite into the best Certified Angus Beef Ribeye? We’ll only tell you if you promise to take us to dinner with you.

When you book local you’re not only supporting the community of people that call this destination place home, you’re also ensuring the best photos and the best experience for the best day of your life.

Drop your questions or comments below! We would love to hear your advice for getting the best photos!

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