Why You Shouldn’t Elope in Glacier National Park

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First of all, shame on you for thinking that there would be any reason at all to NOT elope in Glacier National Park. Seriously, what did you expect to find in this article?

“The unspoiled wilderness will be so beautiful it might upstage you in your wedding dress.”

“The experience will be so memorable you might spend the rest of your life hounding your former-fiancé to take you back to Montana until it becomes a sensitive subject in your marriage.”

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I will not be of any assistance if you’re currently trying to talk yourself out of running away to elope in Glacier.

Of course there are no true downsides to eloping in Glacier National Park, especially not when you book with Marianne or myself. We know all the secret spots, how to navigate getting into the park with the pesky ticket reservation system, and all of the best places to be once you’ve made it into this rugged playground. With all this experience and intel, we thought we would share some of our most valuable piece of wisdom with you as you plan your adventure in GNP.

If you are planning on getting hitched in Glacier, a Special Use Permit is required for all vow exchanges, elopements, ceremonies, weddings, or special events—you can read more about the permit application process here. HOWEVER, the loop hole is that “If you are entering the park with a photographer only to take photographs and no vow exchange, signing of documents, or union is being witnessed, then no permit is required” (nps.gov).

The only reason why you should NOT elope in Glacier National Park is because it is much easier to hold your ceremony outside of the park before venturing in for photos later.

Not only does this allow you to skip the hassle of the permit system, but it also gives you more freedom for your day as well.

Want a little extra time to pop champagne and celebrate with your loved ones? Done.

Worried about missing your time slot for your ceremony location because hair and makeup took longer than you ever thought it possibly could? Flexible.

Hoping your pup can be there as your best man? I will be disappointed if he isn’t.

Our motto is that we want to make your wedding day feel like “a walk in the park!” which means that eloping with your partner should feel as effortless as your love for each other is.

While hosting your ceremony outside of the boundaries of the park is a strong step in that direction, Marianne and I are also here to help you through the process of applying for ceremony permit and just about whatever else you might need to have the elopement of a lifetime!

So now that you’ve made the unquestionably perfect decision to elope in Glacier Park, our next piece of advice is to commit to NOT eloping in Glacier Park. ;)

  1. Melissa Block says:

    The best decision you can make for your wedding is to hire Marianne Weist and team! They seriously take the stress out of everything and just allow you to enjoy yourself on your day. Also they know exactly how to “get the shot” even if you are not photogenic. I can’t speak more highly of Marianne and her team they are the absolute BEST! 

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