Most Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m not photogenic…will you help me not look terrible?

Yes! I will tell you exactly what to do! It will be fun and you will look incredible and get the most flattering photos of you you’ve ever had.

Do you photoshop?

Yes, as you’re not currently at the point where you can love and embrace every single part of you, even the imperfect parts, I’ll make you look like you would on your best day ever, like you got 8 hours of sleep and haven’t had a drink for a month. I make you look like you’re standing at the most flattering angle you’ve ever experienced and you never forgot to lift your chin to hide the double chin that you actually don’t have in regular life but in every photo rears its ugly head…is that a pun or just really close to one?

My husband/groom/son/masculine presence in my life doesn’t like having his photo taken. Will you help?

NO SH*&^$$#*T

90% of guys don’t like having their photo taken which I find so odd because women are the ones who are so self-conscious!

How much hiking is involved?

If you want to get crazy and hike we certainly can, but all of my favorite spots (including ceremony spots) are very easy to access. My favorite ceremony location is even wheelchair accessible!

Should I wear comfortable shoes?

Honestly, you can wear whatever you want. Hiking boots or fancy heels (I really feel like I don’t have to specify no stilettos) Shoes rarely show up in photos and you can always bring some heels for some of the photos, but at least bring both!!! You don’t want to be miserable.

You want to start the shoot so late!? Are we going to run out of sunlight?

Yes. In fact that’s the goal, we want the SUNSET and all that golden delicious light that happens right before sunset! TRUST ME. Also, my equipment takes a lot better photos than your iphone ;)

Can we videotape it?

Yes! 100% fine. Although even better, contact LoveLife Creative and have them do a video.

What if the weather is bad?

I’ve never had to reschedule a wedding because of weather.

Glacier Park is massive. 1 million acres. If the weather is bad then we can simply wait or go to a different spot! Weather moves very quickly through the mountains. And honestly, bad weather makes for the best photos! It’s dynamic and original.

The hardest weather element is smoke. The right amount of smoke can add a warm, glowing filter to your photos and the sunsets are to die for! But when it is too thick (which is very rare) and the mountains are hard to see, I know of great spots that aren’t affected by the smoke and I can also photoshop and make the mountains more visible.

What next?

I will send you a digital contract and once that is signed and the deposit received the date is yours!

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