Best Time of Year to Get Married in Glacier National Park

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One of the questions I hear the most is “What is the best time of year to get married in Glacier?”

That’s almost as tough of a question to answer as “What is your favorite spot to photograph in Glacier National Park?”!  I love them all! I love every spot and every season!


Unique and quiet, dramatic and dreamy.  Yes, most of the park is closed so it’s not ideal if you want to do a lot of hiking.  But if your idea of a romantic vacation is staying cuddled close to your love next to a wood stove with a hot cocoa and a good book while the snow slowly falls outside your window (sign me up) then winter is the time for you! And yes. There are still plenty of gorgeous spots for winter wedding photos! See photos below ;)

Plus, during the winter, Alpenglow is by far the most epic!


Unpredictable but so beautiful! The waterfalls are bigger than any other time of year and oh so epic.

The crowds are way less in the spring, you can get better pricing on places to stay and there is still plenty of open trails.

Did I mention there’s still ice on some lakes in the spring?!

Worried that it might rain on you? Rain can be absolutely incredible in photos! And don’t forget rain=rainbows!


Ever wondered what a rainy sunset looks like? Well here you go-

This couple had clear weather for their ceremony, but as they drove to the top it started to rain, we sat in the car and waited it out for about 15 minutes until the sun came through the clouds and made the most incredible lighting for photos!


There’s a reason why it’s the most popular. Perfect temperature, daylight that never seems to end and the park is fully open!  In early summer the Beargrass is in bloom, later the Fireweed takes it’s place and is just as beautiful.

People also get worried about wildfire season in the summer.  Yes, it can be a bummer when some trails or roads are closed because of fires but fires don’t worry me when it comes to photos.  The park is over a million acres and even a big wildfire only burns a small fraction of that.  Wildfires are a natural part of the ecosystem and an integral part of the park’s history.  And that warm light that the smoke creates holds it’s own stunning beauty.

The photos below were taken on one of the smokiest days in 2018.  If there are areas of the park that are closed because of wildfires, we’ll simply change the location to a different area of the park and the park officials are very accommodating in such circumstances.

The haze from the fires helps separate the mountain peaks and creates dynamic light layers. So dreamy.


Ok, if I had to choose a favorite I MIGHT have to choose the fall! I mean, I am a photographer after all! Those fall colors are our weakness! After Labor Day the crowds disappear and prices drop. win-win

The Tamaracks in October are a sea of yellow that is simply breathtaking.

I hope this helps you choose what time of the year you want to plan your wedding in Glacier! And please don’t hesitate to call, text or email for any questions or help planning your wedding. I love helping people make their mountain wedding dream come true <3

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