My Baby Sister & Her Husband – Glacier National Park Elopement

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What can I say that this title doesn’t already cover!? I guess I could go on and on about how perfect a couple these two are.  How happy I am for them, like really truly bursting for them.  Or how I love my baby sister so much. so so so much. Or how perfect the day was, the weather, the views, the love.  How they needed a place to celebrate their love that was as perfect as everything that happened to bring these two together.

Isn’t that what’s so awesome about Glacier National Park? I think that’s why people madly in love are drawn to it.  It’s beauty is rivaled only by love.  They fit together because they are both so incredible, powerful and awe inspiring.  They are both God’s handiwork and they’re just SOOOOOO cute! Ok, well, Glacier is definitely not “cute” but these two are!


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