D’Juliet and Ben – Glacier National Park Elopement

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With a name like D’Juliet how can it not be one of those most beautiful and romantic shoots of your life!?  This bride and groom eloped in Glacier National Park in October.  It was a cold and windy day, which actually a whole element that I absolutely fell in love with.  Drama and action and adventure!  When we were on the shores of the lake there were gusts that blew water onto us!  Hair and dress blowing in the wind, I loved every second of this wedding.  And I couldn’t stop talking about her dress!!!! I just couldn’t get over how it fit and moved and took your breath away.  And it was not a dress easily come by, the bride said she went to TEN stores before finding it, but it was so worth it!  Just like braving the cold and wind, traveling all the way to Glacier to be married, finding the man of her dreams, the best things in life aren’t easy. ;)

From the bride:

Our relationship is build up on music, the outdoors, laughter and of course love. We met as college students, attending the university of south Florida and had both come off of terrible relationships and met each other by chance and went on one date but during the time Dj (bride/me) was not ready for a relationship while Ben (husband) agreed to be friends at first but spent a month building a wonderful friendship and convincing me to have a second date. After the second date our “Relationship” progressed and after a couple of weeks Ben’s lease was up and my college roommate had moved out and he took the extra room in our apartment, a little bit over a year of living together and sharing unforgettable experiences, Ben proposed at DIsney world on our 1 year anniversary. Looking back, the year and a half between our engagement and our marriage seems to have flown by but we enjoyed every second of it. It is easy to loose track of time when you are spending every moment with your best friend.

Why eloping?
Well it’s not a real reason but truth is eloping is A LOT cheaper and less stressful! We were planning out a traditional wedding, and realized instead of a special occasion for just the two of us it was turning into an event for everyone we know. In our opinion what we were seeing as a traditional wedding was removing the focus of the engagement and our relationship. We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of what our relationship is, in the sense that we only need each other and wanted to spend as much time experiencing this transition with just us. We love our family and they were supportive of our decision but that didn’t stop them from making subtle comments on having a traditional wedding. The only people on the mountain that day were us, our photographer (Marianne), officiant (Christine) and a couple of random hikers that happen to walk down the path during the ceremony. We may have missed out on a few wedding gifts but we wouldn’t have done this any differently.

Why Montana?
Ben and I have always chosen the outdoors for adventure, we’ve always gone back packing and camping together all over the U.S whenever we got the chance to. Glacier National park was always at the top of the list of places we wanted to visit. We have never met anyone with something negative to say about Montana or the park and we wanted to experience it for ourselves. It is hard to capture something as grand as a mountain in a picture, exploring the area in person was a life changing trip. We both spent the majority of our lives in Florida and climbing stairs is the most change in elevation we would normally get. In the span of just a few days we hiked around mountains, through snow, saw bears, elk, and mountain goats. You don’t really get that anywhere but Montana.

Tips for the other brides:
It’s important to keep in mind that a wedding not matter how it’s done, should always be about you and your future husband above anything else, everything else is a distance second. Also if you’re thinking about eloping in Montana…make sure your future husband has a jacket ready to throw on you after you say “I do”.

Favorite thing about Montana:
Everyone we met in Montana was incredibly nice to us but if we had to put it in one word then it would be “nature”. We wanted to see as much of the park as possible so we spent a little while in the car driving from one trail-head through the mountains to another but we barely noticed because every curve in the road was another site we couldn’t believe. At one point while hiking to Grinnell glacier we were stepping through snow and we had to stop and just stare at the snow being blown peaks in the distance as we caught our breath. We could have stayed on that ridge for hours. This isn’t even mentioning the wildlife we came across that we could write several more paragraphs about!

Favorite restaurant? :
Hands down the “Huckleberry patch” near west Glacier, have you tried Huckleberry pie? If not you need to. It will change your life.

Favorite part of the day:
It’s hard to decide, but our favorite part of the day was during the ceremony when we read each other the personal vows we had written.

Favorite thing about each other:
We were going to write separate things about what we love most about each other but we realized we had written basically that same thing. The friendship that we have built our relationship on is definitely our favorite thing about the other person. That might not seem that specific but saying “everything” about the other person is our favorite this is too broad so it seems easier to say that what the other person means to us is our favorite thing. We always know how to make the other one smile, no matter how bad our day was, or how down the other might feel. When your partner is your best friend their is never a dull moment, even the boring stuff like going to the store is fun when you bring your bestfriend. We both feel very lucky to have someone in our life that cares this much about us.

Dress Dress: All Brides 2 Be

Bouquet : Assembled it myself

Tux: Mens warehouse


  1. Christi Myers says:

    Would you mind sharing with me where this elopement took place? That field with the mountains in the background is breathtaking!

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