Briana & Jacob – Many Glacier Elopement

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Many Glacier is well worth the extra 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Kalispell for an epic elopement in Glacier National Park.  It’s weddings like this that are why I love being a Glacier National Park Wedding Photographer.

From the Bride:

We are high school sweethearts. At the time of our wedding, we’d been engaged for 4 years. We spent that time accomplishing goals we set for ourselves as a couple, such as graduating college, starting our careers, building a home, and planning our dream wedding. Staying true to ourselves as individuals and as a couple was our jumping off point for planning our big day.

Why We Eloped:

We discussed every possible wedding scenario, and we spent our long engagement working to plan a wedding day that felt right for us. We set a goal as a couple to take as many adventures as possible. We desperately want to experience as much of the world as we can. So, when it came to our special day, we found it to be the perfect opportunity to immerse ourselves in adventure. We bounced around tons of ideas: different places, different themes, different guest lists, and ultimately we decided on a Montana elopement with just us in attendance. We live on the East Coast and this would be the first time the Groom ever traveled by airplane, so we sought out someplace different and truly magical. Many hours were spent Googling, watching YouTube videos of different destinations, and Facebook stalking different vendors. Although, not having family surrounding us on our special day was difficult, we wanted to make sure, above all else, that our wedding day was ours, that we stayed true to ourselves, and that we were totally present in that moment. Our wedding day and our Montana adventure was incredible, and we would not change our decision to elope for the world.

Bride’s Favorite Memory:

As crazy as it sounds, one of the best memories for me is the time leading up to the big moment. We spent the entire day totally relaxed, and present. We slept-in that day, had breakfast together, went for a morning hike, made small talk with other hikers, read books and magazines in the grand hotel lobby, had an incredible lunch at a small café in the town outside of our hotel, took a nap, got ready together, and we walked arm in arm to the spot where we would say our vows.

Groom’s Favorite Memory:

The incredible Montana setting felt like it fit us perfectly. We were in the most gorgeous place I’d ever seen, and it felt right to seal our commitment and dedicate ourselves to one other forever right in the middle of this vast wilderness. Advice: Do what feels right to you deep down as a couple. Take lightly what friends, family, Pinterest, or the wedding industry tells you is right; focus on what you FEEL is right. It was tough to tell our families that we were eloping, and it was tough to navigate everyone’s opinion on our decision; it was even tougher not having them with us on the big day, but that also allowed our wedding day and our entire trip to be relaxing and stress free. We were able to focus on each other and our commitment wholeheartedly.

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