Traci & Ron – August 2016 – Glacier Elopement

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One factor that many people don’t consider when planning their wedding in Montana is what time is best for photos.  When the sun is rising and the sun is setting is by FAR the best time for photos…and in Montana that can be really late!  In June and July the sun sets around 9, mid August around 8:30 and September around 7:30.    If you want the OPTIMAL time you’ll want to plan on doing photos starting an hour before the sunset, so if your ceremony lasts a half hour then plan the ceremony time an hour and a half before sunset.  I realize this can be hard if you have a reception planned for afterwards but if it’s doable then it’s so worth it! And even if you can’t schedule it at 7:00, 5:00 is much better than 3:00, just remember the later the better!

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