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Tips and Tricks for What to Wear in Photos
Solids over prints.

Solids will get my vote every time. The right print can look great, but more often I will suggest that a client wear a solid color. Bold prints can look very busy and distract the viewer from the focus of the photo, you.

Color is your friend.

I love a nice bright, rich color that really pops in a photo. Lighter brights stand out but aren’t too distracting (i.e. no neon greens and yellows). Even white looks great and can feel fresh. Dark colors are classy and are also very slimming. A nice bright color however, just adds a little something to the photo. And if you have a favorite color that you just love, wear it!

Avoid trends.

Unless you’re going for a particular style for your shoot, it’s usually a good idea to avoid anything too on trend so that later on you aren’t looking back at your photos thinking, “why did I wear THAT?”

Pick a good fit.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who are carrying a few extra pounds sometimes choose something baggy or loose-fitting.  I’ve found that those are NOT the most flattering choices, especially since it makes it hard for me to go in there with photoshop and take off a few pounds.  That’s right!  I can shave off some of the weight in Photoshop!  And it’s actually easier to do if you’re wearing something that fits a little snugger.  Plus, in my experience with skinny jeans, snug (no, not skin tight 🙂 is more flattering because you don’t have loss fabric creating EXTRA bulges.

Don’t be too matchy matchy.

For group family portraits, you can certainly match if that’s truly what you want, but in my opinion simple color coordination is all that’s needed. You could choose pastels, for example, and everyone can stick to that color palette but not wear the exact same color. Or choose a color combination that you like, just as you would do for a wedding, and have everyone in the family dress any way they want, but using only those color options. You want to complement each other, not look identical.

Comfort is key.

If you know you’re going to be doing a lot of walking during your photo session, laying on the ground, getting wet…anything at all, you’ll want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you have a pair of heels that you’re dying to wear for your photos, it might be a good idea to have a pair of flats with you just in case. And as they always say, if you’re comfortable, you’ll feel more confident and it will show in your photos. So, look nice, even dress up if you like, but don’t wear something if it makes you self-conscious or you know you’re going to have keep adjusting it during your shoot.

Be yourself!

The most important piece of advice I can share is to just be yourself. The above are all great tips, but for an engagement or any portrait session, the focus is YOU and you want your personality to shine through.

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