Genevieve & Josh – August 25th, 2012

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  1. mary smith says:

    Quiet tears fell as I looked in on your ‘blissful beginning’, remembering our beginning 58 years ago.

    My heart sends you more than 58 years of good living.

    Remember your day. It was a joy to peek in on it.

    We know your Dad and Mom are so clever and
    they truly pulled out all the stops for your day.

    Your Josh if pretty handsome I say, and of
    course you, dear Genevieve, are lovely.

    God bless your marriage.

    Mary Smith (Granny Pat’s friend, and Jori & Mandi’s mom)!

    live it over and over again and

  2. Mimi says:

    Good morning Becky and John,

    Very happy to see some weding ‘photos in your garden.
    You can be proud. I suppose it was a wonderful time also for Pat.

    Is you John making the “wood direction”.
    I like so much.

    I whishe happyness at Genevieve and his husband. For you two my best thinks and my love.


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